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Linares is located in the province of Jaén, which is in the region of Andalusia, in the south of Spain.

Click here to see its exact location www.map-of-spain.co.uk/large-map-of-Spain.htm

Linares is the second city in the province of Jaén, and has a population of about 65,000 inhabitants. It is a growing city, which boasts a range of modern shops, including the well-known Spanish department store ‘El Corte Inglés’. It is home to one of the biggest parks in the province and has very good ‘tapas’. The cost of living is low, which makes the city a good place to live.

Linares is less than one hour’s drive from Cazorla, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the biggest national park in the whole of Spain. It is well located for visits to the following cities: Jaén – 30 mins, Córdoba – 1 hr, Granada – 1 hr 15 mins, Seville and Málaga – 2hrs 15 mins and Madrid – 3 hrs. (Times shown are by car).

Linares is also well connected by train to Madrid, and there is even a direct service between Linares and Barcelona.
For further information on Linares click here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linares,_Ja%C3%A9n