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We have a staff of six teachers, comprising qualified and experienced native and non-native teachers, a secretary and a head of administration. The director is an experienced teacher and former Cambridge English oral examiner and oral examiner trainer (1997-2009). He has also authored several published articles on ELT.

Class size is small, with a maximum of thirteen students per class. All classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, heating and air-conditioning.


We adopt a Communicative Approach to teaching English based on principled eclecticism. We use ideas from a Lexical Approach, Task-based learning, CLIL, TPR and other approaches. We are learner-centred and take into account the learning style of our students. We also reflect on our teachers’ style of teaching, and how this and learner styles can influence the whole learning process.


All teachers are supplied with course books and other necessary material for their lessons. There are also ample teacher resources available, in the form of books, games, DVDs, etc. The school has its own internal syllabus, so teachers should never be short of teaching ideas.

Professional development

We encourage and offer the opportunity for teacher development, which includes: lesson observation, in-house training, research and attendance at seminars. Teachers are also encouraged to further their TEFL studies.