• TEFL / TESOL Certificate is essential, preferably CELTA or Trinity. CELTYL or similar Teaching Young Learners qualification is an advantage
  • University degree is preferable.
  • 1 year’s teaching experience is desirable.
  • Knowledge of and ability to communicate in Spanish is valued.
  • We also consider applicants who have a PGCE and are looking to make a career move and are prepared to retrain.
  • Valid Spanish work permit is necessary if you are a citizen a of non-EU country.
  • Must be willing to teach children as well as adults.


  • University Degree in English Language is desirable.
  • If you do not have the above, you will need to have teaching experience and a recognised TEFL / TESOL qualification.
  • Must be highly fluent and literate in the English language.
  • Must be prepared to teach children.
  • If you are not Spanish, an ability to communicate orally in Spanish will be an advantage.
  • Cambridge English CPE, or C2 level on the Common European Framework is desirable.

In addition to the above requirements, you should be enthusiastic, motivated and have a friendly and approachable personality. A professional approach including good organisational skills, and the desire to develop as a teacher are also important.

We provide a supportive working environment, in which the Director of studies is on hand to advise and help teachers when it is necessary.

If you are interested in joining our teaching staff, please send a cover letter and a CV with recent photo and contact telephone number to Mr Payne at:

paddingtonschool@outlook.com or info@paddingtonschool.es


Linares is located in the province of Jaén, which is in the region of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. Click here to see its exact location https://www.map-of-spain.co.uk/large-map-of-spain.htm

Linares is the second city in the province of Jaén, and has a population of about 65.000 inhabitants. It is home to one of biggest parks in the province and has very good ‘tapas’. The cost of living is low. which makes the city a good place to live.

Linares is less than one hour’s drive from Cazorla, whitch is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the biggest national park in the whole of Spain. It is well located for visits to the following cities: Jaén – 30 mins, Córdoba – 1hr. Granada – 1hr 15 mins, Seville and Málaga – 2hrs 15mins and Madrid – 3hrs. (Times shown are by car).

Linares is also well connected by train to Madrid, and there is even a direct service between Linares and Barcelona.

For further information on LInares click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linares,_Ja%C3%A9n



Here are some comments from Paddington teachers. If you still have any queries regarding Paddington School or Linares, the teachers below have agreed to be contacted by prospective teachers if it is necessary.

  • I worked at Paddington School from September 2019 to June 2021 . The warm, friendly and professional atmosphere at Paddington is due to the presence of its Director Chris Payne, his wife Maribel and their ever-smiling secretary Mari Angeles. Chris and Mari Angeles went above and beyond to ensure that myself and my partner got the keys to our rental apartment without any problems, and they were on hand to guide us in ensuring that our car which we drove from the UK, was matriculated according to Spanish standards. This was in addition to helping us obtain the necessary documents to live and work in Spain. In addition to helping us acclimatise to Linares, Chris ensured that we developed professionally as teachers by holding weekly meetings, teaching us about the various Cambridge exams and also providing us with the opportunity to be assessors for the mock Cambridge speaking exams which are held regularly at Paddington. Chris is always supportive and will take time out from his busy schedule in order to offer guidance and listen to any suggestions. It was this support, guidance and advice which has enabled me to grow and develop as a professional English teacher. The school has amazing students and credit goes to Chris along with the teachers who preceded me because they helped these youngsters to become the warm, loving and caring individuals they are today. The school is well equipped and has modern facilities with a lot of resources which teachers can refer to when planning lessons. Linares is a charming Spanish town which is full of history. It has trendy shops and supermarkets where your everyday needs can be met. The people here are friendly and even though very few speak English, they will assist you in any way they can. The town is one of the last few in southern Spain to offer you a choice of a free tapa when you order a drink. The cost of living in Linares is lower in comparison to other towns which enables you to save money and explore the surrounding towns and cities. I am extremely grateful to Chris for giving me the opportunity and for supporting me during my time here in Linares.
    Russel Mendonca
  • I worked at Paddington school from September 2019 to June 2021. Paddington is a very reputable & well-established school. From the first day, Chris, Maribel & Mari Angeles were all extremely friendly, helpful & supportive. Mari Angeles helped my partner & I to find a modern, centrally located apartment with garage parking, just a 10-minute walk from the school. Chris gave us a thorough induction & helped us to obtain Spanish work, residency & car matriculation documents. Throughout our time at Paddington Chris’s door was always open for advice & assistance & we learnt a great deal from him. Paddington is a very busy school, with lots of friendly, motivated students who return year after year, working their way through the levels. As a Cambridge Premium Preparation Centre, Paddington is very exam focused, so we quickly learnt a great deal about the Cambridge exams, from regularly setting and marking mock papers to giving students mock speaking exams. At the end of each term we also wrote our own exams based on the coursebooks & wrote student reports. We taught a wide range of ages & levels, in groups & one to one, in the classroom & online. Linares is well known for its historic past as a mining town & there are tasteful reminders of this everywhere. The town has a selection of shops & supermarkets, a bowling alley & a cinema as well as numerous cafes, bars & restaurants. The free tapa that comes with each beer or wine is definitely a bonus & always delicious! Linares also has a lovely tree lined avenue, olive groves & the via verde - all good places for walks. We were really glad that we had a car though, as it made exploring beautiful Andalucia so much easier. I can honestly say that Linares was a great place to start our life changing decision of leaving our jobs in central London & starting a new life in Spain. I would recommend Paddington School to anyone who wants to learn & develop as a teacher under the expert guidance of a highly experienced and supportive Director & his team.
    Annette Brown
  • I worked at Paddington School from September 2019 until June 2020. It was the first job I got after I had completed my TEFL qualification, so when I arrived I had a lot to learn! However, Chris, the director, was so incredibly helpful with my professional development; from scheduled weekly meetings to the supportive learning environment he has created. There is an encouraging atmosphere, from the teachers to the secretaries, Mari Angeles and Maribel.

    Additionally, it was an exceptionally stressful time for everyone with Covid-19 during my time here. However, Chris was incredibly supportive and even went above and beyond to support his staff. He regularly contacted us with updates and important information about what was happening during the lockdown. Even under normal circumstances, he is still incredibly helpful, such as assisting me in finding an apartment and helping with the complicated Spanish bureaucracy, i.e. NIE numbers and internet providers etc.

    Linares is a great and traditionally Andalusian town and you can live quite comfortably without spending a lot of money. For example, you can get a sizeable free tapa whenever you order drinks, which is amazing! The people are very friendly, open and warm so I found it easy to make friends and there were plenty of chances to practise my Spanish. There is also a great English speaking social scene here for young TEFL Teachers as there are lots of Americans living here, you can find them via the Facebook Group Auxiliaries de Jaen.

    I would recommend having a driving license before moving here to make it a bit easier to travel around during the weekends and various bank holidays. However, BlaBlaCar is very popular here, so that is always an alternative. There are so many great sights to see, such as Granada and Cordoba – only an hour away by car! Madrid, Seville and Malaga are very accessible as well through trains and coaches, but these do take a bit longer to reach and only run on a limited service.

    Overall, I would have loved to stay here an extra year if circumstances were different and I would recommend Paddington School for any young person looking to start their career in teaching and wanting to experience a culturally rich place in the south of Spain.

  • I worked at Paddington for almost 2 years from September 2018.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my 2nd year at the school was cut short.

     Paddington is a small but busy school. It is very well organised and the team there are incredibly welcoming, friendly and helpful.  Chris is a very supportive boss and he helped me through some tricky moments I encountered during my teaching here. I had only been teaching for 6 months previous to my role here, so I had hardly any experience to count on, but Chris guided me well, and he was always at hand to talk to.

     I can definitely say I have learnt a lot from working at Paddington. The role is a demanding one, but you will learn a lot; from preparing students for Cambridge exams, to preparing your own exams for the students.

     I had the pleasure of teaching children aged 10 up to 18, one to one adult students, and small intensive courses for adults. I can honestly say that I formed some lovely relationships with the students while I was here too.

     Regarding living in Linares, the town itself is not the most beautiful compared to other places in Spain I’ve visited, but I have made some wonderful friendships with the locals that I’ve met, also giving me the opportunity to practise and improve my Spanish. There are countless tapas bars you can enjoy, and the best part, the tapas are free, included with the cost of a drink (which is cheap!).  Living costs are very cheap here too. I had help at the beginning to find a flat, and managed to get a 2 bedroom flat in the centre of town for 320 euros a month. And everything you need is within 10 minutes walk.  It’s easy enough to travel to other parts of Spain at the weekends and in the holidays with a bus station in the centre of Linares or for a short bus ride to the train station.

  • I worked at Paddington School of English from September 2017 to July 2019.

    Paddington School is a well organised and a very professional academy. The atmosphere is always welcoming and positive, Chris, M.Angeles and Maribel are always helpful and kind. During my first weeks here in Linares I felt very lucky that I’d found an academy such as Paddington.

    I had the opportunity to teach a variety of levels and ages, intensive courses for adults and private classes. Preparing classes for Cambridge exams and teaching Young Learners were new experiences for me but Chris was always very informative and supportive. I am very grateful for the invaluable advice which I could always count on. I feel this was a very fruitful and happy period in my life and working here and living in Linares were a big part of it.

    Linares isn’t the most beautiful town in Andalucia, but it has its charms and all you need to live comfortably without spending a lot of money. I was able to earn enough to travel around Andalucia and Spain during weekends and the numerous bank holidays. The tapas, churros and olive oil are incredible here, the people open and friendly, and the weather hot and sunny, which make Linares absolutely likeable.

  • I started working at Paddington School in 2008 and I worked there for a full decade before leaving in 2018 in order to begin my own project. It was the first job I got after I had completed my CELTA qualification and I feel I have learnt so much over the years. When I arrived I had a lot to learn and Chris, the director of studies/owner, has helped me so much, I was even able to obtain work as an oral examiner with Cambridge Assessment English through his contacts and recommendations.

    I felt like I have been able to progress as a teacher and to give classes the way I felt was most effective whilst at the same time working within a supportive structure under Chris´s guidance. There is a lot to be done over the course of a school year at Paddington but the tasks are challenging, varied and incredibly beneficial to a teacher´s professional development . All the staff over the years have been very well-selected and we have been fortunate enough to have had a friendly, encouraging atmosphere amongst all the employees, from the teachers to the fantastically helpful secretary Mari Angeles.

    Linares is an authentic Andalusian city  full of warm, hospitable locals who are always happy to let you practise your Spanish skills with them. The way of life is relaxed, “outdoorsy” and highly sociable, if a warm climate and sitting on a terrace with a drink and a plate of tapas appeals then Linares is the perfect place. One of the benefits of the city is that you have so many other great places nearby, from Granada and Cordoba, both of which are only an hour away by car to Seville, Malaga and Madrid all of which are easily reachable for a weekend getaway. There is also the spectacular Cazorla, a really lovely national park where you can practise adventure sports such as kayaking and hiking.

    I thoroughly recommend Paddington to any teacher looking for a rewarding professional experience in a hospitable and culturally rich part of Spain.

  • I worked at Paddington from September 2016 – June 2017. This was my first teaching position after I had qualified, and my first experience of living abroad.

    Paddington was a great school to work for. There is consistent support, weekly meetings and a lot of resources, which helped me feel comfortable as I was a new teacher in a new country! The school is small, but very well organised, and Chris and the team are happy to help with anything. I found the experience of working slightly challenging as it was my first year, but I was given lots of support. Working at Paddington was very useful, as I gained knowledge of the Cambridge exams system and I had to write my own end of term exams and reports as well. I had a great year working at Paddington, it was fantastic to experience a real Spanish town, and I felt very at home working at the school.

    Linares is a small town, but it has everything you need including supermarkets, shops and lots of cafes and bars. The tapas here are excellent and free, and eating out is also very cheap. Everything is within walking distance, apart from the train station which is out of town. The living costs are generally low, and I was able to save some money whilst I lived here to visit other places and to go home.

  • I worked at Paddington School of English from September 2016 – June 2017. Having worked for various schools I can say that Paddington is a really well organised one. It’s small but busy. The students are active and talkative but well behaved at the same time. In the case of more challenging students I could always rely on Chris and his help. In general, all of my queries were immediately dealt with and the staff were very helpful and friendly. I taught a variety of classes including adult intensive courses in the morning and classes with teenagers and children aged 6-10 in the afternoon/evening. I found teaching at Paddington enjoyable and interesting. Each classroom has an interactive board which allows you to use videos, interactive games digital books and so on.

    Linares is a small city but it was a nice change for me after living in big places. You can walk everywhere and meet new people in language exchange meetings or salsa classes or wherever you decide to spend your free time. There are also English speaking language assistants you can meet. There weren’t any Spanish courses for foreigners available when I was there but I found a lovely Spanish tutor. Other relevant information is as follows: it can get quite cold in winter, there are plenty of pubs and bars where you get a free tapa with your drink, the bus station is in the city but the train station is a few kilometres away so you need to take a bus to get there. I would recommend bringing your own car if you want to travel around. I mainly used blabla car which is very popular in Spain.

  • I worked at Paddington School of English from September 2012- June 2014 and March 2016- June 2016.

    I had previously worked in Linares as a language assistant in primary school so was already familiar with the city. It is a relatively small city but has everything you could need to feel comfortable and at home here. There are many tapas bars, a variety of shops, a large El Corte Ingles, a bowling alley and cinema. I found being able to speak Spanish a help with regards to making friends and still maintain my circle of Spanish friends from my first year here. However, that being said there is also a sizeable group of language assistants working in the local public schools, who are native English speakers so it is more than possible to socialize and adapt to Spanish life in your own time if you are unfamiliar with living here. The cost of living is reasonable, I have rented both a flat by myself for €300 a month and shared with another teacher, with both of us paying €180.

    With regards to classes at Paddington, I did find the first year challenging as I had never taught my own classes nor prepared my own exams, despite having been a language assistant for the previous two years, it was a completely new experience. But Chris was on hand to offer advice and I soon became accustomed to the weekly lesson planning and devising classroom activities. I taught a range of classes from students aged 6 right up to adults. I gained great experience with Cambridge exams during my time at Paddington and I am now familiar with many Cambridge exams from Young Learners up to First Certificate. I found all of the staff very welcoming at the school, with Chris and Maribel helping when I came back in March 2016 to find accommodation, which was slightly difficult as it was in the middle of Easter week here in Linares!

  • I worked  at  Paddington  from Sept  2015 to June 2016 and enjoyed  every minute.  This was my first real teaching post after completing my TEFL ( I’d volunteered as a teacher in England) and everyone has been so helpful and supportive.

    All the staff at the school are great. They are welcoming and friendly and always happy to help either professionally or out of school. I have taught a variety of classes, both age and ability and also use a wide selection of coursebooks. This helps keep all the lessons fun and interesting. The kids are great, happy, talkative and fun to be with. My adult class brings a completely different atmosphere to the classroom but equally enjoyable. We work hard but the experience has been invaluable and I have learnt a great deal during the last year.

    Linares is a lovely town. Not too big, so you can easily walk everywhere. The people are very friendly and their lack of spoken English has helped improve my Spanish. There are enough shops, bars, restaurants to keep you busy and pretty parks to sit in and watch the world go by. The tapas culture is great, free food with your drink! The cost of living is cheap. I lived in a lovely apartment in the old town for 300 euros leaving plenty of money each month to help me enjoy Spain. It’s been fantastic to experience the “real” Spain and all the culture that this brings.

  • I worked at Paddington School of English from Sept’14 – Jun’15. Being that it was my first real teaching post after finishing my CELTA I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to expect but going to work there turned out to be a very good decision.

    First of all the team at Paddington, from Chris the director and his wife Maribel to all the other teachers and long term staff that I worked with were not only friendly, welcoming and helpful but also very professional. In fact one of the main reasons for choosing to work at Paddington was to develop professionally and in my time there I have had the opportunity to work with many age groups and levels, I was able to take on extra hours in one on one class tuition which gave me even more experience with higher level student and really boosted up the already considerable wage as well. In addition to the teaching experience I acquired I was also offered numerous opportunities to attend seminars around Spain and all the time I felt backed up and supported by Chris the director and the whole team. The school is well organised and established and there have never been any issues with wages, Chris even put me up in a hotel when I arrived and arranged someone to find me an apartment and drive me around Linares to look at them.

    Linares itself is very nice, a typical modern Spanish town, it is big enough to have all the shops and amenities you could want but not so big as you feel lost or have to face huge living costs. Thanks to Chris’s assistance I was able to rent a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with tennis courts and a swimming pool for 350 Euros a month including community charge, this left me with a good amount of free cash each month both to save and explore Spain. It has been an enjoyable and valuable experience and one I would be happy to continue and if not for my own personal circumstances meaning that I will leave Spain, I would be at Paddington in Linares and under the Andalusian sunshine for at least one more year.

  • I worked at Paddington school of English from September 2014 – June 2015. It was my second teaching job in Spain, so I already had a good idea of what kind of salary these teaching positions offer and was familiar with the Spanish way of life. Working at Paddington has been very good experience, working as a small team in a well-established school.

    Firstly, the school, Paddington school of English is very close to the town centre so wherever you live, it will be walking distance. I decided to bring my car to Spain and was pleased to find that there was plenty of free parking around Paddington when required. The team I worked alongside were very welcoming and friendly and we had some enjoyable times both at work and outside of work. Chris and his wife Maribel were very helpful and did everything they could to make my life easier. Considering my level of Spanish is not brilliant, Chris helped me on many occasions with phone calls and sorting out things which were out of my depth.

    The job itself was a pleasant experience, with lessons lasting an hour each. I found this was good for keeping students engaged. I taught students from the age of 7 to adults and therefore gained experience of teaching many different levels. Chris was also very happy to train us to conduct Cambridge exams for young learners, which is great experience. The living costs in Spain are quite low, so on my salary, I was able to save a little money each month for travelling the country during my weekends off.

    Linares is not a big city therefore finding a flat is quite simple as the centre is very close to everything and Chris has connections with people who are on hand to organise viewings. In the centre, there are the main shops you would find in most cities and a big El Corte Ingles with a supermarket. The city has typical Spanish festivals and events every few months, which are exciting to see for the first time. The prices of eating out in Linares are great. In the majority of places, when you order a drink you get a free tapa, which leaves you with a very small bill, especially if you plan to have a few drinks. Nightlife in Linares is good; there are lots of cafes to eat first, then an area of bars for louder music and occasionally dancing. There is a nightclub on the outskirts of the city which is slightly harder to get to, but it’s a very nice location.

    If it wasn’t for personal circumstances drawing me back to the UK, I would love to stay at Paddington as I have really enjoyed the teaching experience, and get on well with the team.

  • I started working for Paddington School of English in January 2015. I completed my CELTA in November 2014 so this was my first teaching job. I had no knowledge of Spanish so moving to Spain was a big step for me. However Chris, the director of the school, made me feel completely at ease. He organised it so I could travel from England with an existing teacher at the school, and arranged for me to stay in a hotel for a few nights when I arrived whilst he helped me find a place to live. My apartment is five minutes walk from the school and five minutes from the centre of Linares. It costs me 320 euro a month, which leaves me plenty of money to go exploring at the weekends. Linares itself is a small city, with plenty of shops and restaurants, and tapas bars to sample all the local foods but it’s also really easy to catch the train to explore the rest of the country.

    At school I was really lucky that I was given a range of ages of classes, and different levels. I teach A1 all the way up to C1. This was challenging at first but excellent experience. I really enjoy the variety of my lessons, meaning every day is different and interesting. I have some classes of thirteen students but I also had the opportunity to gain some one-to-one experience with an advanced student. The school is well equipped with interactive technology making lessons more exciting for students, especially the younger ones. Although the students are preparing for Cambridge exams, they also have to sit a ‘Paddington’ exam every term. We had to create these based on what we had covered in the term, which was great practice for the future. Chris and the other members of staff made me feel really welcome so if I ever had a question I could ask someone. In addition to this there have been multiple chances to attend professional development seminars all around the country, and I attended a really interesting one in Malaga. I have weekly meetings with Chris and he also observed my teaching in order to help me improve. I am extremely grateful to Chris and the school for giving me this amazing opportunity and providing excellent support throughout my time here in Linares.